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Our estate consists of a restaurant with approximately 60 places and additionally there are two dining rooms with each 35 places available. The smaller dining rooms are newly restored and have both Telephone access, so you can use both as conference rooms also.

Here a little part of our Menu`s

Different kinds of tinned sausage

47,0 Euro


“Falkentoast” small steak with mushrooms and cheese au gratin

7,20 Euro

“Maultaschen” with ham, cheese au gratin and salad

8,20 Euro

“Maultaschen” in cream-sauce with herbs and garlic

8,20 Euro

“Wiener Schnitzel” with chips and salad

9,70 Euro

“Italian Schnitzel” cutlet with herb-tomato-sauce, olives, capers, cheese au gratin, chips and salad

11,60 Euro

Porksteak “Woodcutter” on toasted brown bread with fried onions, bacon, beans and salad

9,50 Euro

Cutlet of Turkey-breaded, with fried almonds, rice and salad

11,90 Euro

Roast joint with fried onions, fried potatoes and salad

13,80 Euro


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