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Rudolf I. has released in the year 1281 a law regarding the rights and obligations of an innkeeper.

During 1571 the senator " Veit Miser " broke a small passage-way through the lower castle wall, to have an easier and direct access for the knights and public folks to the inn in the castle. This footpath is still existing today. In earlier times the inn was located in the first floor and therefore an easy entry for everyone.

In the 16 th century are the first names of the future inns and restaurants created out of the heraldic figures as "Cross "," Lion ", " Eagle " and " Falcon / Hawk ". Due to the " Fugger-Tax-Description " of 1570, the first owner of the " Falcon-Inn " was the innkeeper " Christoph Stark ". After him there are following a lot of different owners as Hans Bihr in 1759 and Xaver Wanner from 1833 onwards, which was married with Regina Holz out of the small village Niederalfingen.

After 1839, Josef Rieger, out of the estate Sturn in Huettlingen took over the inn. From 1870 to 1902, Josef Brenner was the owner and innkeeper of the " Falcon ". After the century change again a guy named Josef Rieger bought in 1902 the state and let it to Josef Seibold, which was married with the sister Katharina Rieger. The son of both, Xaver Rieger, took over
the inn and added an additional building-part for a newly built up bakery due to his profession as baker-man. He was married twice, first with Paula Weber of the village Roettingen and second with Pauline Bihr from Huettlingen.

A huge fire destroyed the complete estate in the year 1904. In summer time 1905 the complete newly built up Restaurant was re-opend.

From 2 nd February to 2 nd April in 1945, the french military General " Andre`Besson " was in the " Falcon " resident.

In 1953, Johann Straub ( Kuefnerhans ) of Niederalfingen married Rosa Rieger, daughter of Xaver Rieger ( Franzawirt ). He died in 1960. The bakery , which he founded in the beginning of the century, was given up already in 1951. Beside the inn, he and his successor kept the farm running till 1963.

In 1964 the Restaurant was completely restored and added a first self service general store. Big effort during the restauration was given to the wooden ceiling. Separated from a wall of pure grinded glass, in which the picture of the " Fugger-Burg / Marienburg " ( castle ) can be seen, the smaller dining rooms can be used as single rooms for all applications. A big collection of tavern mugs and tankards with military and private pictures are placed on brackets on each side of the walls.

On the 30 th of April 1971, Hans Straub, was killed in a tragical accident by his own tractor. In early 1972 married his daughter Maria the salesman Lothar Schuppich from Huettlingen and in November the first son Pierre was born. The self service shop was closed finally in 1986 and due to the decision of the second son Tobias to be a cook and also the new innkeeper, the restaurant was renewed and completely restored again in 1989.

Since 1919 the restaurant is also the club-saloon and meeting point of each
club-life and all the behaviours of the small village. All the times the members of the " Heimatliebe " made themselves great honour regarding their activities at all. In 1919 the war-memorial of First World War was established and in 1925 follows the " Lourdes-Grotto ", in 1926 the first "Castle-Festival " took place and in 1928 the " Forest-Festival " was founded. In the year 1953 the completion of the war-memorial including Second World War was made also, as in 1965 the renovation of the castle chapel from the involved agile members of the " Heimatliebe " - Club. Up today you can feel the pulse of the nimble club-members in the comfortable and cozy restaurant and inn " Falcon ".


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